Egg Carton Drawing toddler activity

Egg Carton Drawing!
egg carton drawingHere’s a fun way to color with crayons! Take an empty Styrofoam egg carton and turn it upside down, on some white paper. Cut some small slits in the egg pockets only about 1/2 inch long. Then push some crayons into the slits so that they hit the paper underneath. (see photo)  Now move the crayons around while they are still being held up in the egg carton. (be sure that you push down so that the crayon tip is still on the paper) You can go around in circles or any direction you want. Do that with each crayon as much as you want and then lift up the whole thing, carton with crayons, and see your surprise drawing underneath on the paper! Nice job! Now remove the crayons from the slits and put in some different colors and do it again!!

Supplies Needed:
– Styrofoam egg carton
– scissors
– crayons
– paper

– Let your toddler help with putting the crayons into the slits/holes
– While your toddler is moving one crayon, talk about the color
– Help your toddler move the crayon in a circle to show her what it is.

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