Toddler Toy Fun

The Amazing Toddler Toy!
Your toddler will absolutely love this toddler toy. There are so many things to do with it and your toddler will surely try them all. All you need to make it is some ribbon, beans, and a few small plastic containers with tight lids, like play-dough containers. Let your toddler put a few beans in one of the containers and then put the ribbon over the top of the container and then put the lid on top and press it shut. The lid should hold the ribbon in place. Make sure that the lid is on tight so that it doesn’t come off and the beans spill all over. Then do the same with the other containers, about a few inches from each other. Leave some ribbon at each end so that your toddler can hold onto it. After you have finished, it’s time to have some fun. You can hold it in the air for your toddler and let him/her hit the containers with a wooden spoon. Or move it across the floor like a snake and hear the rattling.  Or just let your toddler play with it to see what he does.


Supplies Needed-
– beans
– ribbon
– small plastic containers with tight lids ( ex. play-dough containers work great)

– You can hang the toy on a door knob and let your toddler play with it.
– Talk about the colors of the lids of the containers while you are making it.
– You can count the number of beans that you put in each container.
– Notice the different sounds that the containers make if you put more or less in each container.

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