Toddler Toddler: How to stay connected!

Toddlers, Activities, Games: How to get Updates.
Here are some other ways to receive updates, and not miss out on new activities or giveaways:
Through our Feedburner feed, you can receive one daily email containing all our posts (activities, games, tips, giveaways): (After filling out the form, be sure to check your email to verify your subscription.)
2) FOLLOW ON PINTEREST…I’ll be posting there too (and for now they aren’t charging). :)
3) FOLLOW ON TWITTER: @Toddlertoddler
6) You can also check our Facebook page each week, as I’ll try to post up a weekly recap each weekend.
You are all so awesome, with great ideas, nice thoughts, caring words, and excellent advice for each other. Truly awesome. I’ve got some exciting plans for webinars and giveaways coming up and I wouldn’t want you to miss out on them.
I hope you understand. Can you comment below if you signed up for one of the options above? Just looking for some feedback. :) ~Jennifer

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  1. Thanks! I’ve signed up for the email updates!

  2. Sarah K. says:

    I think that’s really messed up that Facebook charges for posts! I just don’t think it’s right and I can forsee this being their downfall. I know I’m really turned off by it. Maybe I’ll go back to MySpace, lol!

  3. Following you on twitter and pinterest, and getting email updates :)

  4. lisa jack says:

    I’m following you on FB & pinterest

  5. I’m following you on Twitter. I’m so over FB.

  6. Stephanie says:

    I tried posting yesterday and it told me I had already stated the same comment, which was not true and unfortunately I didn’t have time to go back and figure out the problem. I love your sight though…

  7. Crystal says:

    Following on Fb, Twitter,interested & receiving email updates! Love ToddlerToddler :) Great ideas and lots of fun! Thanks for everything

  8. I subscribe to your updates through email. I follow you on Pinterest. I also bookmark your blog on my blog. AND I follow you on Facebook.

  9. Oops. I meant link to your blog on mine, not bookmark. Sorry, it’s been a long week.

  10. Going to do email and longest your ideas have kept me busy with my twins.thanks for all your hard work

  11. Followed you on Pinterest. You may want to try Google+ as another option to Facebook. (Haven’t heard anything about them charging, but then I couldn’t find anything on Facebook either.)

  12. Okay, so after I made the above comment and some extra ones on Facebook, I saw your link at the bottom of the page to follow on Google+. (I followed you there as well.) You’ll have to forgive me, as my daughter just gave birth to baby #3 this morning–in her car on the way to the hospital–and I have been a nervous wreck ever since. Both mommy and baby are okay–but obviously grammie isn’t. (It doesn’t help that I live in another state about 600 miles away–and can’t see for myself that they are okay–or even how beautiful they both are.) :) (Of course all the coffee I drank since the crack of dawn when I found out hasn’t helped a bit either!) I do apologize tho!