12 Toddler Activities & Games with Cereal Boxes


12 Toddler Activities, Games, Crafts, with a Cereal Box

It’s a good thing that you poured the last bowl of that cereal… don’t throw away the cereal box! Here are some activities for toddlers that you can do with a cereal box. Kids can have fun all around the house with these activities, so you can even save up those cereal boxes for a rainy day. :)

1) Toddler Activity: Make a Gift Box from a Cereal Box (for that next birthday party, or for Father’s Day coming up!)

2) Toddler Game: Create an indoor Cereal Box (Sidewalk chalk) festival in your house.

3) Toddler Game: Slide the teddy bear in the Cereal Box Car! (fun for hours and each stuffed animal gets a ride. )

4) Toddler Games: Cereal box Dominoes away! (You’ll need more than one cereal box for this one.)

5) Toddler Craft: Toddler Organization with Cereal Boxes (a place to store all thos great drawings!)

6) Toddler Games: Turn your cereal box into a Learning Maze! (learn some shapes while you follow the path around the cereal box)

7) Toddler Games: Cereal Box Spoons Game (easy activity for younger toddlers)

8) Toddler/ Preschool Craft: Make some big Cereal Box Numbers! (Learning your numbers? here’s a great way to display them)

9) Toddler Craft: Make a Cereal Box Shrek Puppet ( or a Monster Puppet) (Make your own puppet monster.)

10) Toddler Arts: Do the Popular Shake and Paint activity in a Cereal Box (this activity usually uses an oatmeal container, but you can use a cereal box too!)

11) Toddler Craft: Make a “Send a Hug” Mail holder ( more involved craft)

12) Toddler Craft: Turn your Cereal Box into a Fancy Tiara ( requires eating chocolate. lol)

So eat up and get your cereal box out so that you can have some FUN! :)

What is your toddler’s favorite cereal?

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  1. So glad I found these, we go through several boxes of cereal a week. Now we have some fun activities to do with them.

  2. Who doesnt have cereal boxes! We will def be using these ideas! Thanks!

  3. Great collection! I’ll have to try some of these ideas! :)

  4. Sarah K. says:

    Thanks for all the great ideas. I love your site and the fact that you offer ways to recycle and reuse everyday items.

  5. Christine says:

    Great ideas! Love to repurpose things!

  6. I love all of your cool ideas! I’ve been saving boxes for awhile now & my daughter is excited to start making lots of games & crafts

  7. stephanie says:

    I love these! We just bought cereal today, she will go crazy for the car for her babies!