Make a Toddler Valentines’ Day coll…

Valentines Day Collage
Toddlers love to rip things up, especially if it is an adults magazine! So for this activity take some of your Valentine’s Day circulars from the mailbox, or newspaper and let your toddler tear them up into small pieces. Then take a piece of contact paper about the size of a sheet of paper and remove the backing. Lay the contact paper on a table with the sticky side up and tape the corners down. This way your toddler can stick the ripped up pieces of Valentines sales, jewelry, hearts, chocolates onto the contact paper. No need for glue!If you want, you can cut it into a heart shape and hang on the wall or doorway for your special relative, parent, caregiver or friend!

– newspaper flyers with Valentines Day offers and colors
– contact paper
– scissors

Let your toddler explore with his/her hands and fingers.
Talk about what you see on the flyers, colors, diamonds!

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