Activity: Cooking Sunny Side Up

Let’s cook some eggs! Sunny side up!20120403-190504.jpg

For this activity you  just need some felt and contact paper. Cut out a small white piece of felt and a smaller yellow circle for the yolk.

Use some contact paper and cover both sides of the felt egg. You can make several of these for your pretend kitchen.
Then put them on a towel or toy pan and let your child use a real spatula to slide underneath each egg and flip it over till done! The contact paper will make it easier to slide the spatula under the egg, and you can help him/her to flip it over.

I’ll have two eggs with a side of hash browns please!  Yum!

The PAAS/Heinz Egg Decorator – H. J. Heinz fun FREE iPad app for decorating eggs!

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  1. Wow! I really love this idea. So simple yet cute! And the possibilites are endless (I can add all sorts of food ideas). thanks!
    btw, I have a lamenation machine, would that works as well?

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