Flashlight Hunt activity

Flashlight Hunt
Playing in the dark can be fun! Before you start this activity, go into your child’s room or some other room in the house and place some of his favorite toys/books around the room. To begin this activity, you can review the concept of a lighted room and a dark room. Then let your little one turn the light switch off and turn the flashlight on. Ask him to try to find his teddy bear with the flashlight. As he swings the light around, you can mention all the thing you see until you get to the teddy bear, or whatever he was “hunting” for with the light. You can also review the different parts of a room…ceiling, floor, window, door, closet, bed, dresser…by flashing the light on each.


Supplies Needed-
– Some toys, stuffed animals, books
– room that can be darkened
– flashlight

– If you make being in the dark fun, then it will be fun and not scary. Show your little one how cool it is to shine the flashlight on all the different things.

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