Fuzzy Craft Ball Colors – Toddler a…

Fuzzy Craft Ball Fun:
This is an easy one, but a great one. Your toddler will have so much fun and you will too. Take one of your small baskets (or any other container) and pour in a package of fuzzy craft balls. Put the lid on and tell your toddler that there are some fun things inside. Once he opens it up and finds all the different colored fuzzy craft balls inside, the fun will begin! You can put them on your head, try to throw them back into the basket or put them in a pile and step on them.
(Try putting some in your toddler’s sock and see if he can get them out!)

Supplies Needed-
– Fun Craft fuzzy balls
– a basket, or other container

Keep an eye on your toddler to make sure that the balls don’t go in the mouth!
– You can review colors, by grouping the balls by color, or putting them back into the basket one color at a time. Or have your toddler find all the yellow balls.
– Also talk to your child about the texture and how the balls feel in his hand.

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