Learn your alphabet with this Kid Keyboard

Kid Keyboard!:
Time to let your little toddler learn about the computer keyboard with this toddler activity! You’ll use an old keyboard (you can usually find one at a thrift store for a couple of dollars or use your own if you dare). Now use just a few of those foam letters and a little tape to stick them to the keys on the keyboard. If your child is just learning some particular letters then use those. Or spell out his/her name! Then let your tot press the letters to pretend that he is typing an email to a friend. It’s a great way to review letters and let your toddler act like an adult!

Supplies Needed-
– computer keyboard (check your local thrift shop for a cheap old one)
– Foam letters (Foam letter stickers also work)

– If you use your own keyboard, you might want to do this toddler activity with the computer off or the keyboard disconnected from the computer.
– For the younger toddlers, you don’t have to put the foam letters on the corresponding keyboard letters. Just put them on some of the keys…they’ll learn the right place for each letter after they learn the alphabet!

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