Raisin Box Cell Phone Craft

Toddler Cell Phone –
All toddlers want to play with cell phones! Here a chance to make one with your toddler and let him/her have fun pretending to call all his/her toddler friends. You’ll need 2 mini raisin boxes, empty. That’s the fun part! Cover each box with some black construction paper. Then tape them together on one side only, lengthwise, allowing you to be able to bend at the hinge. See photo. Then print out the graphic for a cell phone keypad and glue it to the side of the two raisin boxes that you just taped. Now it’s time to let your toddler make some calls!

Supplies needed:
– 2 mini raisin snack boxes – empty
– black construction paper
– tape
– glue stick
– printer and paper to print the cell phone keypad. Click here.

– You can also use a small juice box for this activity. You just won’t be able to fold it.
– Make one for you the parent also, so that you can call your toddler and he can call you! Make some for your friends too!

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