Let your toddler play with this bag …

Take a big gallon zip loc bag or big plastic container that you can screw a lid on and put in some uncooked rice. Then cut out some shapes from construction paper about 2 inches big and put them in the bag and close it up. Let your toddler move the bag around and try to hide or find the different shapes. When you see a green triangle point it out to her. If using a bag, lay the bag flat and see what colors you see or try to lay the bag flat with none of the shapes visible.  If using a container let your toddler shake it or roll it to try to see more shapes.

– ziplock bag (gallon size)
– rice
– construction paper
– scissors

– You’ll have to experiment with the amount of rice to use and the amount of air left in the bag.

– You can also put in different objects, like toddler spoons, or other smaller colorful object, but be sure your toddler doesn’t put in his/her mouth.

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