Make your own Touch Mats

Fun Floor Touch Mats
Toddlers love to explore different surfaces and touch them with their hands. Here’s a great way for them to do that on the floor. Take a piece of tinfoil and tape it to the floor. Let your toddler touch it, step on it, hit it with a wooden spoon! Then put just a teaspoon of water in a ziploc baggie and tape that to the floor next to the tinfoil. Then take a baby washcloth and tape that to the floor. Let your toddler explore all the different textures with her hands or feet!

Supplies Needed-
– tape
– tinfoil, ziploc baggie, washcloth

– You can use any sort of different textured items for this project. Some other ideas: cardboard, corrugated cardboard, paper, tissue paper.
– You can even make a trail with these so that your toddler can walk along and touch the different squares along the way!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    you could also use contact paper for a sticky texture. that is always fun for little ones.