Make some Ghost Socks for Hallow…

Ghost Socks!

All you need for this activity are some old white socks, infant size, toddler size or adult size! Take the socks and cut them like in the photo to look like ghosts. Then take some black felt and cut out eyes, or use googly eyes and glue them to one side of the sock. You can make a few of these and hang them around the house or outside on your trees or in front of your front door! Have fun and count how many you make with your toddler! Put them on her hands and let her pretend they are flying around the room!


Supplies Needed-
– old white socks
– felt (black) or googly eyes
– glue
– string or thread to hang

– To hand the ghosts take a needle and thread and tie a knot into the top of the ghost and then hang.

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