Valentines Day Crafts and Activities Roundup

Looking for some last minute ideas for Valentine’s Day?

I’ve rounded up some of our fan favorites to spread some toddler love with these easy activities and crafts!

Felt Hearts

You are a HOOT! (Fan Favorite!)

Craft Photo Flower ( a great Valentines Card idea!)

Toddler Love – Hearts Stickers door decoration

Green Painting – Use red and pink paint to make flower stamps

Easy Toddler Hearts Printout Valentines

Make a unique Handprint Valentine!

Send a hug in the mail.

Toddler Mailbox (Give your toddler a bunch of valentines to put in the mail box)

Some additional ones on our Facebook page Album.

lunchbox love

Have fun with these and as always, be sure to give your toddlers lots of hugs today! :)

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