Bear Cave Hunt activity and printable

 Bear Cave Hunt

Toddler Toddler Activities & Games: Bear Hunt

Find the bears in the cave! All kids love to build and play with tunnels. Use your couch and some pillows to make a small tunnel/cave for your toddler to climb into. Then find 3 teddy bears and place them inside the tunnel for your child to find. (Or print out the sheet of bears and cut out). Tell your child that she needs to find the bears in the tunnel and bring them out! If the tunnel falls over, just let her help you to build it again. As she finds the bears, count them, 1, 2, 3 and talk about the size of the bears! Yay, great job in finding those bears!

Supplies Needed:
– couch and pillows ( or tent tunnel)
– teddy bears ( or print sheet of bears)

– This is an activity for any toddler, young or old.
– Let your toddler color in the bears before you cut them out.
– Talk about what sounds a bear makes.

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