Toddler Games: Crib sheet Parachute fun!

Crib Sheet Parachute Fun!
You know the fun games that you played with that big parachute in gym class!! Here’s a chance to have some fun with your toddler and a simple fitted crib sheet. Let your toddler hold one side and you hold the other. Now flap the sheet in the air, and both of you go under it. Or have your toddler hold on while you raise it “up” in the air and “down” to the floor. Teach him “up” and “down”! You can go around in circles or in and out. Your toddler may have some ideas of what to do also!! Laugh a lot and have some real fun.

Supplies Needed:
– fitted crib sheet

– If the sheet has something printed on it, you can talk about the shapes, colors, pictures that you see.
– If you have more than one child, get the others in on the game and go around in a circle with it.
– This is a great activity for the whole family!!

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