Crayon Carry-along craft activity

Crayon Carry-along
There’s no need to buy one of those fancy travel crayon and coloring book packs. Just make your own. Find a box of crayons (the box of 16 crayons works best) and some white paper. Print out the sheet of shapes and (parent) cut along the lines to make small coloring sheets. Then cut some plain white paper or colored construction paper to the same size and stack together. You’ll want to limit the number of pages so that a staple can go through easily. Then staple the small pad of paper to the back side of the crayon box. Fold the lip down on the inside of the box to cover the ends of the staple and tape it down. You now have a fun travel pack for your toddler to play with. Take it the next time you go out to eat!

Supplies Needed:
– Small box of crayons
– printer to print the sheet of shapes
– plain paper or colored construction paper
– stapler
– tape

– Let your toddler choose the order of the sheets of shapes
– This is a great thing to take when you know you are going to have to wait somewhere, like in the airport!
– After you toddler has used up all the pages, you can always staple some more on!
– Instead of using plain paper, you can always print out the sheet of shapes on different colored printer paper.

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