Crushing Crackers

Crushing Crackers
If you cook with bread crumbs or bake with crushed graham crackers, this activity will help you out! Put the bread crumbs or graham crackers that you need for your cooking recipe in a resealable/zipper plastic bag. Now take a small snack zipper plastic bag and put some fuzzy pom pom craft balls inside. Close it up and put that snack bag inside the big bag with crackers and seal the big bag up. Then let your toddler have some fun with hitting it on the floor with his/her plastic toy hammer! Your toddler can have fun trying to smash the colorful pom pom balls while helping your crush the crackers too!!!

Supplies Needed:
– Crackers or graham crackers
– resealable/zipper plastic bag
– plastic toy hammer
– colorful fuzzy pom pom craft balls (or other object to try to hit, that won’t pierce the baggie)

– While your toddler is crushing the crackers, count each time she hits it. Start with 1. Then 1, 2. Then 1, 2, 3. and so forth up to 10 or whatever number you want!

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