Ice Cold Fun!


Ice Cold Fun!
Hot summer day? Here’s a fun activity that will help cool your toddler down. Take a towel and put it down on your kitchen floor or outside on the grass. Then take some of your mixing bowls or other baking ware or dishes and fill them up with some cool water. Next take a bowl of ice and let your toddler put the ice cubes in the different bowls/dishes, moving them back and forth. You might even give him a pasta spoon to use to move the ice back and forth, so his little fingers don’t get too cold! (Always supervise your child so that he doesn’t try to eat/swallow the ice cubes. If there is a concern, just use cool water and bath toys.)

Supplies Needed:
– dishes, pans, bowls
– water and ice cubes (or bath toys)

– This is a great activity for your toddler to do if he gets a burn on his fingers and you want to keep the area cool.
– Talk about the cold feeling of the water and ice cubes while your toddler is playing

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