Make a Frogland picture!

It isn’t easy being GREEN!
Print out the sheet of Frog stuff! Get some construction paper and create a frog land picture! Have your toddler look at the frog photo to the right. Talk about the frog’s color, webbed feet, and that he often lives near a pond and lily pads. Also add that he jumps around and eats flies with his tongue. Do the movements with your toddler. Show her how to jump around like a frog and stick out your tongue to quickly catch an imaginary fly! Let her try it and tell her how great she is doing. Then start the construction paper craft and take a sheet of brown/green construction paper. Then cut out an oval of blue construction paper to make a pond/water. Next let your toddler color the frogs on the printed sheet below. Talk about the color green! Then cut out all the items on the sheet and let your toddler glue them with a glue stick to the construction paper pond.

Supplies Needed-
– printer to print sheet of frogs and things
– construction paper (blue/green)
– scissors
– glue stick
– crayons/markers

– Have your toddler wear green on the day that you do this activity!
– Talk about the sound a frog makes…rrrrrribit!!!

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