Find the Moon with your Child

Find the Moon!

Kids are fascinated about darkness and astronomy. Here’s a fun activity with the moon! Take a white piece of construction paper and cut out a big circle. Tell your toddler that it is the moon and let her color on it with crayons or markers. Then put some tape on it and tape it to the ceiling/wall of her bedroom. Next find a flashlight and turn off the light in the room and lie down/sit on the floor with your toddler. Tell her that you need to find the moon with the flashlight. Let her help you direct the flashlight around the room until you find the moon. Celebrate that she found it and then ask her to help you get it down. Then turn on the light and hold her up so that she can put the moon back on the wall. Turn off the lights and repeat the activity!
A great book to accompany this activity is: Papa Please Get The Moon For Me (Classic Board Books)

Supplies Needed-
– white construction paper
– crayons/markers
– scissors
– flashlight

– If your toddler is afraid of the dark, maybe you could just dim the lights or leave a night light on during the activity.
– Depending on the agility of your toddler, you could put the moon somewhere where she needs to climb up on a chair/stool to get to it by herself.

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