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Toddlers playing foosball? Of course! They play toddler skeeball and toddler air hockey (sans air) so why not a game of foosball!!! :)

For this all you need is a piece of poster board. Then all you’ll do, just like in the Toddler Air Hockey activity, fold up the sides so that you have a couple of inches border all around the play space.

Then find a couple of wooden spoons or cooking utensils that might work, and make a few slits on the side to put them in. Then find a small, light ball to put inside and let your toddler move the spoons back and forth and to move the ball around. You can cut out a section on either end to make a “goal” or just have fun moving the ball around the box.


  • Put a couple balls in the field to push around.
  • Let your child draw on the posterboard before you make it into a foosball field. Maybe color it in green for grass.
  • You can even draw a few stick people and tape them to the ends of the spoon to make it more like a foosball game.


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  1. Laura H. says:

    Very cute idea. If you were okay with losing the wooden spoons to the activity, you could put them in the opposite way so that the handle of the spoon is inside the game area. I think you could decorate an old fashioned clothespin to look like a soccer player and hot glue it to the end of the handle.