Window Hanging to say I love you …

I Love you mom signMake a beautiful window hanging for that special person! You’ll need some contact paper, some felt and a few other supplies. First take some colorful felt and cut out some shapes. Then cut a strip of contact paper about 6-8 inches wide. Pull half of the backing off and then let your toddler put the pieces of felt on the sticky part. You can add a greeting on some paper if you want. (“I Love You Mom” sign… print here.) Next, take the rest of the backing off the contact paper and bend if over the part that has the felt shapes to seal them in. Then poke a hole in the top in the middle and hang it from a suction cup hanger. Wow, what a beautiful piece of art that you made for your special person!!!


Supplies Needed-
– Felt (you can use craft foam or foam stickers, too!)
– Contact paper
– suction cup hangers
– scissors
– brown crayons/markers

– Talk about the shapes, objects and colors of the felt that your toddler is sticking to the contact paper.

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