Play the shake it game with your to…

Shake it Game!

Here’s a fun game to play with your toddler, and you only need a few simple supplies. Find three of the same containers (24 oz cottage cheese containers used in photo) and a few “noisy” small toys. Put all three containers down on a blanket in front of your toddler. Then open up one container and put in a couple toys (balls, bells, rattles) and put the lid back on. Then move the containers around and mix them up. Now ask your toddler if she knows where the balls are. If she is unsure, have her pick up each container and shake it. The first time she picks up a  container and there is no noise, open up the container and show her that there’s nothing inside. When she hears a sound inside then say “Oh!? Do you think the toys are in this one? Let’s check!” Then after you find the toys, celebrate and tell her good job.  Close it up and mix the containers up again.  Now let her shake them to find the toys again!


Supplies Needed-
– 3 identical containers
– small toys/balls/bells
– blanket

– You can always use more than 3 containers to make it more fun! And put some toys in 2 of the containers.

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