Toddler Game: Easy Hide and Seek in Shoeboxes

Shoe Box Hidden Treasures-

Everyone knows that toddlers love to play with boxes. Here’s an activity where you’ll be able to use some stored shoe boxes ( or other type of boxes) and play a game with your child. Take 3 boxes and put them on the floor in front of your toddler. Then put a small toy in one of the boxes. Next stack the boxes in random order and ask your toddler to find the toy, or ask him if he knows which box the toy is in. If you have three different sized boxes you can ask him if it is in the small, medium or big box. Or if you have different colored boxes you can ask him if it’s in the red, yellow or blue box. It is a simple activity but your child is sure to have fun with it!

Supplies Needed:
– 3 boxes with lids ( shoe boxes work great!)
– a small toy

– While your toddler is opening up a box, talk about the size and color of the box. (Ex. “Oh Cameron, do you think the toy is in that small yellow box?”) 

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